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Re: GFF Fall Float Fly Sunday Sep 22

The float fly went well. The weather was much better than expected. A little sun peeked thru occasionally with only a few misty sprinkles once or twice and there was practically no wind so the water was pretty flat. Dennis, Brian, Poppy, and Don flew quite a few flights. We didn't have to use the rescue boat at all, much to the relief of John Brooks Sr., as he was able to leave the rowboat in his truck all day. But I did manage to pull Poppy's plane in to shore with my fishing rod once, as his plane flipped over on takeoff. It did fly later. Many thanks to Johnny Brooks for arranging the Gold House Pizza donation, it sure tasted good. Also thanks to the ice donated by Rogers Campground, the club's soda & water was nice and cold. About 18 people showed up, and there were no visitors from other clubs. The only other ones there were a couple of fishing boats that were launched. We left about 3:30 when the wind started picking up. All in all it was a fun day.