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Club Pylon Racing

I know, Pylon Racing? Everyone thinks its megabucks and they arent up to the high speed stress. Not what I'm asking. I have been asked by a few members if we could get some "club" pylon events going. We did fly some crude pylon years ago in the club with .25 sized trainers. Rod Black and I even talked Ed into some pvc poles that could be erected in a matter of minutes. Anyone interested in exploring this? Let me know your thoughts for airframes and engines. Maybe 15 sized engines in a slow trainer? How about lazy bees or even Northeast Aerodynamics .25 sport airs?

Re: Club Pylon Racing

Another thought, I'm not against quickie airframes and real Q500 engines I just think we might get more involvement with something slower. More racers is better than 2 idiots going in circles. FP.40s on a quickie airframe? I dont know....... let me know your thoughts.

Re: Club Pylon Racing

How about sand speeders at 50 yards

Re: Club Pylon Racing

Seems like a lot of lookers but no takers? No ideas? I was talking to Don Sanders the other day and he reminded me of the Scamps with .15s on them that used to get raced at the old field "Ed's International RC airport" on North Rd. I also remember Rod Black and I racing Northeast Aerodynamic Trainair .20s till Ed would get twitchy, I think they were his planes, I cant remember. We never broke any. Rod would have raced a tricycle if he could have gotten it in the air. Give me some ideas?

Re: Club Pylon Racing / suggestion

I am thinking quickie 500 airframes (.40size) with .25 size engines. This will keep the speed down. 15% nitro maximum for fuel, no specs on the prop..... Takers?

Re: Club Pylon Racing

I hope someone has a plan. A thought might be 40 or 60 sized scale stuff........ Maybe like Reno stuff or Warbirds or Gee Bees and Mr Mulligans? Someone has to be interested in this stuff right? It might even make a great Friday night event like the Groveton races........... Thoughts??????