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Club website calendar is updated.3/17/07

RC Junkies,
I have spent some time and pulled local events off of the AMA events calendar and a few other locations to try to give everyone a good look at whats going on in our area for events. It looks like a pretty full summer. I will continue to update the calendar as I can and as events are posted in different places. In my opinion the AMAs event posting guidelines are broken, its too bad they dont seem to agree. Many events are not in the AMAs events lineup because of strick guidelines for sanctioning events in order to post them. I thought an event schedule's number one goal was to direct people to events? I guess I'm wrong. I hope this helps everyone find area events

Re: Club website calendar is updated.3/17/07

Please take notice that club meetings have been changed to the first Wed. of each month all 12 months of the year. 7PM will be the standard meeting time for all meetings. Questions please let a club officer know.