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Old Rhinebeck Jamboree 2007 INFO


I have some information on the 2007 Rhinebeck Jamboree that will happen this September. It is a huge scale like event that has been around for I think 40 years! Its a great WWI and golden era RC airplane event. I went to the event last year and watched, drooled and really had a heck of a time. I'm going back to fly this year. I have hotel and event information from their contest director. If you are interested in going please let me know so we can all plan together. Its an event that all RC pilots should see and or compete in. Oh yea, I almost forgot. Rhinebeck is a WW1 living museum. They have a huge fleet of restored flying and hangared aircraft. Its a great place or at least I think so. Let me know if you are interested. Formation roll....

Re: Old Rhinebeck Jamboree 2007 INFO

I am interested in going this year but I don't think I will be ready to fly. Randy

Re: Old Rhinebeck Jamboree 2007 INFO

I think we will be making hotel reservations soon. I will let everyone know so we have the option of staying in the same place. I have interest from John, Harry and myself so far, along with a friend of mine who works for NH DOT. She works with full scale airports in the state and is just getting involved in RC with her husband. They went with Ryan and I last year. You may feel different about flying there after a few gallons of fuel are put through the new Sopwith......... Its a HUGE field. Watch for the Hun in the sun, that will be me.

Re: Old Rhinebeck Jamboree 2007 INFO

Reservations for Rhinebeck are made for myself Ryan and John, Harry decided to sit this year out and I dont believe Randy has his Sopwith finished yet. I am told there will be shirts available this year for the Jamboree. Wish more people were going but maybe next year. I hope to be finished with Ryans SE5 by the time of the event. We started it a few nights ago...............