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New frequency board

Hello all,

The new Guildhall Fun Flyers frequency board has been 80% completed at the Brooks aviation facility on Blackberry Lane in Lancaster. The remainder will be completed after its erected on site. Its a major improvement to the one I made for Ed way back when, that we are currently using. The construction crew put in several evenings of building, stenciling, varnishing and applying decals. John, My wife Monica, and myself all pitched in on the construction project. We hope to have it in place as soon as the weather breaks and the frost goes away.

Re: New frequency board 4/20/07

The frequency board may get planted this weekend if all goes well. We will need to trailer it over then possibly carry it back because the road is still too soft. The roofing will need to be installed after its in the ground.............

Harry, John and Rusty

Re: New frequency board

The board will be installed on Sunday and John Brooks Sr. will be in charge of the roofing. Cant wait to see it in place.

Rusty, John & Harry

Re: New frequency board 4/28/07

Its up... looks great. Will have shingles soon.