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Lancaster Street Fair and Expo.

Hi all,

I am looking for people who can bring static display models to the Lancaster Street fair on July 28th in Lancaster for the Guildhall Fun Flyers display tents. It doesnt look like we will be flying this year but I hope we can have an impressive static display area. The Expo hasnt charged us to date and this year If all goes right I would like to see us up where the action is in the common in front of the courthouse instead of off to the side where we were last year. I hope Harry Irving can bring some good Cub examples (1/4 scale) and John can maybe display some planes along with helicopters. I will bring whatever I can. Its a great opportunity for us to let the public know we are alive and well. We will also need a few club members to talk to the people with questions, I am sure we will have some. Maybe Don and Dick can help us here. Ken it would be nice to see your SE5 there and maybe we can also get some electrics there for people to see its not all about nitros....