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4/20/2007 flying tonight

Even if I only get in one flight I am going to put something in the air tonight. The weather will be perfect and the field is dry enough to walk back and fly. The road is still fenced off and you cant drive on it because its too soft but you can walk back. You can also fly from the front field but you still have to be very carefull of the road going in. DONT DRIVE DOWN THE ROAD.

Re: 4/20/2007 flying tonight


To say my new magic fun fly is insane would be an understatement. I know after some practice tonight that a hovering flat spin is possible, I did one, and I believe a climbing flat spin is in the near future. John flew it and we both were laughing like 11 year old girls after throwing the sticks around. You can hold it out and let it go and it will climb straight up out of sight. C R A Z Y........ The .52 is without a doubt overpowered. The .46 would have been plenty but complaining about too much power is like buying a ferrari and complaining that the glovebox is too small. This plane is FUN.

The field is rolled and prepped for flying, I believe that the fence and frequency board will be installed tomorrow. It looks great

Re: 4/20/2007 flying tonight

Fence is installed, field is 100% ready to go. Many changes and things look great. The road will be ready by next weekend is our guess, you still need to park at the top. John, Harry, Poppy and myself all flew. Ryan drove his airboat in the flooded lower field and had a blast until I got it stuck in the middle of the pond. He managed to recover it with the John boat and a small branch as a paddle. We had many visiters and lots of help. Thanks to all that came and helped. The DR1 has a maiden flight but between the high winds and the engine that conked out it wasnt much fun. I did manage to get it down in one piece and without damage. Its back on the bench and will be ready again soon for a test flight. Its a real handfull in the wind, I guess thats why the instructions say "do not fly this model in the wind". I need to learn how to pay attention to those details.....

Re: 4/20/2007 flying tonight / update 4/28/07

This week saw the water rise 3 feet and cover about 50 feet of our road with water. It all came up and went back down without incident in a 48 hour period. The road looks much better and I believe the frost is all but out at this point. If the flags are gone its safe to drive down, if they are still up you need to park at the top of the road and walk in. I hope the rain stops soon.

Re: 5/6/2007 flying tonight

Well it was another windy, windy cold spring day at the field. John, Poppy and I all put something in the air and each time they came down in one piece. Thats more than I can say for the MAGIC that met its demise in North Haverhill a few weeks ago. While doing an inverted harrier at about 15 feet with no wind a small gust tipped me over and I tried to roll out instead of just correcting and flying away. It hit lightly on a wing tip with the engine at idle and exploded into a million pieces from the rear wing mount forward. My new Reactor should be here in a day or two. I'm staying away from Haverhill for a while, at least for 1 full moon...........

Re: 5/19/2007 flying tonight

Arrived at the field tonight at 3:30 and there wasnt a stitch of wind. Ryan soloed his trainer and had 2 take offs and landings all by himself after shooting a dozen with me. Two new guys at the field tonight. Andy Brundle and his son Nick. They both flew a flight or two on Ryan's trainer. Nick at 11 did well but Andy his dad was a natural. I hope to see more of them at the field. Poppy had me fly his cub until I noticed the hinges on the elevator were no longer glued to the plane. YIKES. Hes going home to fix that. Tonight was a 9 out of 10 for conditions and accomplishments.

Re: 6/22/07

Raining today with poor weather so I have been working in the batcave on some dead engine projects. I have solved the balance problem on my DR1 and it now lands much better although it still behaves as a WW1 plane would, tippy and with a complete lack of respect for your control inputs during landings. Looking forward to some better weather and more upright landings with the FOKKER

Re: 6/24/07

Well it was windy day today. I arrived a 9 am with the wind. Left and came back at 2 and instead of flying threw around my aerobie ring with John, Paul and Ryan for about an hour. Man does that thing go a long distance. We left at 4 and came back at 7:30. John was just leaving. We had a few flights on the trainer cord with Ryan then he flew 2 tanks of touch and goes all by himself. Hes off the cord and on his own, I gave him his wings.

Re: 7/3/07

Well it was a nice "no to low" wind day and the field saw heavy activity. Harry, Pete, Don Ryan and myself were among a few of the visitors. I had a fight on the Tripehound and Ryan is doing things with his trainer that trainers shouldnt do so he has moved onto my clipped wing cub. His landings are like glass and his takeoffs are better than most. I think G3.5 has helped him in the last few weeks.

Re: 7/8/2007 flying tonight

Well It was a perfect night with the best wind I have seen in a while..... None. The streamers were dead all night with not even a hint of wind. Ryan took to the air with my clipped wing cub / 70 surpass combo and proceeded to run through 3 tanks of fuel with John and I watching. He went through as many basic maneuvers as a new pilot knows and shot more touch and goes than I can count. He even had his first dead stick with his trainer and landed from an unfamiliar approach direction and greased it in. Its amazing how quick the kids today learn RC flight and are compitent. He has been able to practice on G3.5 for the last few nights

Re: 7/15/2007 flying tonight

Rain, Rain, Rain, that is how the event started. It turned to sun and light winds by about 12:00 and the Fun started. We had a strong turn out at the yearly picnic with many flyers and many more spectators. The cars were lined up clear back to the gate!!!!! No casualties at the event and all that flew had a great time. Thanks to all the concessions helpers and John Brooks Sr. for his expert "grillery" cooking the burgers and dogs.....

Re: 9/2/2007 flying tonight

Great day, Ryan flew his new Ugly stick .40, Evan tore up the skies all day long with his purple daisey trainer and I had a great "no throttle " flight when my fokker DVII forced me to fly the traffic pattern for about 30 minutes at 1/2 throttle with no way to speed up or slow down. The connector popped off the servo arm......... NICE. I ran it out of gas and made a pretty fair landing about mid field with a nice roll out. Rhinebeck here we come. Managed a killer sunburn and a good night of flying. Brian also soiled his armor while test flying his new Tiger 2. With some help from John and I all turned out well and it landed in one piece to return to the sky another night after some tuning and rebalancing. Nice job Brian and way to hang in there......