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4 stroke bearing issues

Alright, I have seen too many of them after the last 2 weeks of helping people at the field. If you own a 4 stroke engine and you can move the crank from side to side or up and down AT ALL you have a bearing issue. The other tell tail sign is the rust colored ooze that come out of the crank vent as it runs. Oil from your engine should be clear or green or pink, never black, grey or orange. I have offered to rebuild any and all club members 4 stroke engines with the only cost being the bearings themselves. The cost to rebearing most model 4 stroke engines is between $11.00 and $21.00. I charge NO LABOR. Please make your airplane more enjoyable to fly by having a healthy engine. Make sure you store it properly for winter and run it dry after each flying event.

Thanks, Rusty

Re: 4 stroke bearing issues

Check out the latest thread in the related engine rebuild forum. This is why you need to run them dry then oil the bejesus out of em...........