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Walkera 4#3 helicopter

My new toy was delivered to my house yestarday. If no one has heard about the walkera 4#3 it is the smallest 4 channel helicopter available. I will post pics of it at some point next to the picco z and a full size tx. The helicopter came in a nice box with no damage. First flight I noticed it need a lot of trim on the TX. I checked the swash plate and noticed it was not level, leveled it out and have been able to get some steady short hovers with it. Still need to do a lot of trimming. Let me tell you this thing is small, just a little larger than the picco Z that air hogs sells. It moves really fast and you really need to watch you stick movements. It holds up very well in a rough landing (crash). I have not broken a part yet. Spare parts a fairly cheap, you get get extra Lipo's for under $6 plus shipping.


Re: Walkera 4#3 helicopter


Sounds cool. We have had about 3 of the airhogs and found they all need pretty heavy modification to actually fly. They need to be balanced and have the tail fin enlarged by about 50% and all of the tape and weight taken off the tailboom. I also make a thin ply wooden shim for over the gear as they usually wear and disengage after about an hour of flight time. Its fun and cheap and you can fly them anywhere. Good luck with your new bird.