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Nite Flight

We are probably the only flying field in the country that has a lighted runway! I just flew until after 9:00 pm and altough it is a challenge and a half to keep a handle on the plane it can be done. Not so much loops rolls ect. The runway looks great a dusk but we will have to decide if its worth the extra pain
it will cause when mowing. The ones near the pits we pushed way down so wings can go over them. The ones near the tall grass shouldn't be a problem. The ones on the x-wind runway will have to be pulled up to use that runway. John (field marshall) will have to check it out and make the call. They are just solar powered lites on small poles that pull up in two minutes. Putting them down straight takes a bit longer.

Re: Nite Flight

The place I got the lights is

Steve Caparelli
32 Salix Court
Middle River,MD 21220

He will custom make anything you want

Re: Nite Flight

As we are all aware the solar lites are at my house because i stopped flying after dusk when the Hanson's started complaining about the noise back in 2009.

Re: Nite Flight

Not that your night flying made any difference.....we couldnt hear it anyway. The whole complaint on noise is idiotic ! I can believe you have had complaints on such a great activity for the area. We support you and we are neighbors also.