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Rhinebeck 2008

2008 was an odd year at Rhinebeck. John, Dennis, Brian and I all had a lot of fun despite the weather being less than perfect. "LOUI" We all flew our airplanes and the Rhinebeck rookie of the year is Brian Bigelow who flew like a seasoned pro after his first flight. Way to go Brian !!!! "LOUI" Castle Grey Skull has created more stories and more good times. "LOUI" The scones were hot and the rain was heavy.... The indoor vapor action was great, John you did beat me at Ping Pong once, I was so full of food I couldnt walk straight. Garlic Knots rock. CJ's again next year. "LOUI" Dennis has a serve like Venus Williams Embers are not supposed to loop 6 times in a row John, really they are not!

Re: Rhinebeck 2008

Loui*** The trip will be in our minds till next Loui*** year. Many laughs Loui***