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P-51 Mustang near completion.

Its been 10 years since I started on this thing. I built it in 2 weeks, covered it and then put it away? I'm not all there, I know. I need to pick up a tank, a battery, build my gear doors and ailerons and then this hotrod is ready to fly. One more for Warbirds over Guildhall 2009. It has a Super Tigre .75 ( Italian, not Chinese made ) in it with a cowled muffler system and Robart air retracts with adjustable speed controls for the gear legs. Its pretty cool looking. I named it "LIVE BAIT" Like my last P-51.
Hope to have it in the air before the middle of next month. Nothing like frosty weather and a test flight on a new P-51...... Formation roll !!!

Re: P-51 Mustang near completion.

Hey Rusty, are you gonna have this ready for the warbirds this year?

Re: P-51 Mustang near completion.

Yah and it is going to snow in you know

Re: P-51 Mustang near completion.

The fuse is done now and the radio is installed. The elevators and the ailerons were completed last weekend. Retract valve is installed and the valves are set up for it. I have to install the aileron servos and the covering around the lower radiator yet. It may just have a flight yet this fall......... formation roll..........