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Re: killing brain cells

Well it seems as though progress is slow. I have completed the wings except for the ailerons on the upper wing. 2 coats of Nitrate on each surface, then 5 coats of super coat clear buyuterate dope on each surface. It’s a lot of dope and a lot of time. I thought when I hit the 200 hour mark I had a lot of time in it. I just went over the 300 hour mark and the radio gear isn’t in and the fuse isn’t covered or prepped. I also have a lot of glass cloth and paint to do, after that all of the insignias and markings. It’s by far the most demanding project I have ever taken on. 10 times more work than my B-17 was. Problem is I am already planning my next one. I might possible by clinically insane? It sure is pretty though. I have to thank John for the use of his garage as without the place to dope I couldn’t have made any progress this winter.