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IMPORTANT: Victor Mature website is moving

I have been working on the site and planning on moving the Victor site over to a host at this month. I was just informed by America Online that as of November 1st, 2008 they will no longer provide web space or host sites. That means that they will be deleting the Victor site that I have up now. Luckily I've been working on things for months so have most of it saved. I am currently saving the rest of the files and will be moving everything over to during the next three weeks.

I had wanted to also keep the files on the AOL site so when people visited there they would be automatically sent to the new site. Sadly AOL is going to be deleting everything. There are advertisements all over so apparently they have started. :-(

Please spread the word that the site will be at as of November 1st. Thank you so much for your help!

I wanted to make sure to let everyone know this. The site will now permanently be at

This AOL site will remain up through October 31st.

Thanks so much for everyone's help in spreading the word. Please bookmark this Bravenet board so I can keep you updated on what is going on. It's: