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Rylie is the real deal!

I don't know how it is in NYC, but in Virginia, the search for a provider is fraught with peril. None of the ads are descriptive, frequently the person in the ad is not who you meet when you talk in the door. Happily, this is *not* the case with Rylie!

Rylie and I have been emailing back and forth for over 5 years. (seriously). I have always been intrigued by her words and what she offers, but was never in close enough proximity to get to see her. Having now settled only 4 hours away from her, I couldn't resist taking the plunge. She's worth the trip!

Rylie warm, genuine, honest, and sexy as hell. There is no pretense, there is no arrogance, she greeted me like an old friend and made me feel very welcome. We talked a *lot* while I was there, and I went way over what is standard time (blame part of that one the amount of time we've been emailing, but I think it's often the case, she's just not a clock watcher). Rylie is not a massage therapist, but she's got an amazing touch. Her work is focused on about 2 square feet of your body, but she knows *exactly* what to do in that space! She is very knowledgeable about her specialty, and she took me places I'm not accustomed to going! She's fairly agreeable to variations within her boundaries, and an excellent communicator. Her focus is on you, and it was delightful to just lay still and receive. I recommend her services highly, she's the best I've ever experienced in this area, and she's fun too :)