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Rylie was Amazing

After meeting Rylie I realized she was the warm friendly person she always is on the phone. She is a Beautiful lady and is very skilled in her art.
She is not a stuck up, thinking who she is kinda lady at all. She is a naturally caring person and a natural beauty. She is sincere, not fake and you can tell. Unlike some of the other tantra providers out there that have the personality of a rock, Rylie is the opposite.
The last thing you need is some stuck up lady who could care less about you and continues your session with that attitude. I **** near walked out on Jade in the first 5 minutes because she has No personality whatsoever and a bad attitude.
Rylie is who you should see. After meeting with the many scams that exist saying they do Tantra when in fact they do not, it was refreshing to finally meet a provider who is who she says she is and does what she says she does. Its simple really but theres is no honesty out there.
Rylie is the best you can find in the area, so dont waste youre time with any of the other ads if any as they dont do what Rylie does. Not even close.
C U soon Rylie