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My Experience - Thanks Dr. Rylie

As i get to dr. Rylie's Door, i was a little bit nerves because it was my first time trying Tantra & Prostate Massage, after a few minutes of talking and a wonderful explanation from Dr. Rylie about the process, all this in a wonderful environment with candles,we start with a wonderful massage, something so spacial that i've never experience before.
Dr. Rylie has an amazing touch, and before we start with the prostate massage, she just make my body feel so comfortable, so trustful in her hands...wow that was amazing !
with not too much details, those 60min took me to the highest places of feelings , excitement and pleasure that is a one of a kind... and i defiantly recommend every man who want to experience & learn something different,to try this !
Dr Rylie was very kind,very peaceful & very professional, me and my body feel that she know exactly what she's doing...

So....Thank U Dr. Rylie, I Had a wonderful time.. :) you are Wonderful !

Re: My Experience - Thanks Dr. Rylie

Thank you so much for your review. Im pleased to hear you enjoyed your visit. I look forward to seeing you again. Remember practice practice practice lol.