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1st session w/ Rylie

I had my first session with Rylie about 1 year ago in NYC. It was my first time trying any kind of tantra-like techniques. Rylie did a great job setting the tone with scented candles and dim lights. She did a very good job explaining how the session would go (i did the Prostate massage, which includes Lingham as well).
It might seem a bit daunting to get undressed and lay nude in the presence of a stranger. But Rylie's touch is very smooth, caring and non-judgmental, and you quickly become at ease. As the session proceeds, she verbally checks in with you to see how attuned your body is becoming to her touch. The whole experience was very exciting, relaxing, and stimulating at the same time.
Any pre/post session conversation with her is also very relaxing and pleasant.
Thank you for the great experience, and hope to see you soon in 2014!

Re: 1st session w/ Rylie

Hello Sal,

I apologize for the delayed response I was unable to post for some reason.

I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed your experience. My goal is to make the entire session about you. Thank you so much for sharing your experience so others can get an idea of the experience.

I look forward to seeing you again soon for another session.