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Excellent experience !

I contacted Rylie back in the fall and was not able to meet with her until this janurary. As someone who suffers from BPH I have researched options other then drug therapy. Finding Rylie was great! She is the upmost professional and is a serious therapist. There is a tabu around this type of therapy because of the method necessary to provide the correct process in deleivering the service. There are many providers that deleiver a service but fail to understand what to do correctly. Also, you wife or partner may not feel comfortable or understand how to do this therapy. And, for us who suffer from BPH this is a true therapy with positive results, it's just not prostate play that a couple would ingauge in for a better sexual experience. Not everyone can understand this therapy because it focuses on the male reproductive plumbing and many men are insecure or just not informed how their plumbing functions. The medical community is just now beginning to embrace natural holistic methods of alteritive medicines and not all holistic providers are ligitmite or are their processes. BUT, this process is when administered by a therapist who is professional and understands how to administer it, it works. It requires being willing to experience something that for many men that may seem unnatural. When administered by a woman to a straight man, there is very little to no stigma to having this therapy done. Rylie understands the boundaries, and is one of the most professional therapist someone could ever have administer this process. Just understand, this is not a fetish or something else to try for fun. This is a true therapy with beneficial results, it is a process of fine tuning of the male reproductive and urinary plumbing. The stigma about this process Is it dose have an incredible side effect that is intensively pleasurable. If you have prostate issues like BPH and seek out this option understand it is your responsibility to be as respectful to your therapist, as she is professional and non judgmental of you.

Again, thank you Rylie,


Re: Excellent experience !


It was a pleasure having you in for a session. I'm so glad we finally got to connect. Thank you for your kind words. I'm so glad that the therapy helped with the areas we addressed during your session. When suffering from an enlarged prostate it is very important to get the right therapy. Prostate massaging and therapy is a very delegate area. You can gain great relief if done properly.

Thank you for explaining and for your thoughts! I appreciate it.

I look forward to seeing you again soon

Dr. Rylie