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Best Experience

Let me be very clear, the session was a heaven-sent.She is not only wise, a beautiful soul and a lovely person to be around, but as an amazing tantra teacher, she understands the practical considerations we all deal with in daily life. Since we are couple, we were obsiouly very nervous, but as soon as we entered her Spritual DEN, we were completely relaxed by her charming personality and beautiful candle lit setting.

This is a great session for anyone who wants to work on their relationship. the session are interesting, and pitched at beginners. Even though I had heard a lot of this information before, it was stated in a new way, and related to things that made us see it in a whole new light, and make new connections.

The money we spent, we got more out it. The time is not an issue with her, she gives your complete attention and care, on and off the sessions.

again Grt job Rylie.

Re: Best Experience

H & M,

Thank you for sharing your experience. It was such a pleasure working with you two! You two are such a wonderful couple and so connected so it made it very easy to guide you. I'm so excited for you two on your new journey with each other. You were great students lol

I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for a baby in the near future remember practice makes perfect!!!

Looking forward to our next session

Dr. Rylie