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The Best Session I Have Ever Experienced!

When I carefully reviewed her website, I was taken by not only her beauty, but of her knowledge and experience. Dr Riley gives you a very clear understanding of the type of session she offers. I am a big fan of the male G spot massage or prostate massage. Very few providers actually know what there doing in the area. In my opinion Dr. Riley is an absolute expert!

After a very enjoyable telephone conversation, we set up an appointment for later that evening. When I arrived, I was greeted by the same beautiful woman as depicted in the photos in her ad and on her website. She lead me into her nice apartment and we sat and talked for some time. She is very comforting and wants to get to know her clients and their needs. She had a professional table set up and I felt very relaxed yet excited by her beauty. I chose the combo massage which includes the Lingam and prostate massage.

Dr Riley was simply amazing with her touch and technique. She brought me close to ejaculation at least 6 times and allowed me to calm down before beginning again. It was very pleasurable. I did chose to finish the session with an ejaculation and I will tell you that it was incredibly explosive! This was the absolute best session I have ever had!

Even if you have ever been curious about tantra or prostate massage, I highly recommend that you see Dr. Riley as she will put you at ease and give you the most satisfying experience you will ever have. Imagine a beautiful woman, with knowledge and incredible touch and you found her. I plan to become a regular client/patient of Dr Rileys.