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Dr. Rylie's New Product is Finally Here! MONKEY MILK Personal Lube

Dr. Rylie's MONKEY MILK Personal Lube & Massage Cream

MONKEY MILK is different from any other Silicone Lubrication on the market. Other lubes are watery and get all over the place when your trying to use them. Monkey Milk is creamy and has the texture of a lotion. Stays right where you want it to! No need to worry about wasting your product because of texture. A little goes a long way with Monkey Milk.

Benefits of silicone based lube:

* Non-Sticky
* Non-Toxic
* Odorless
* Tasteless
* Perfume-Dye Free
* Great for Vaginal Dryness
* Hypoallergenic
* Condom Safe(Condom Manufactures use Silicone to "pre-lube" their condoms
* Waterproof
* No irritations, no allergens, no microbes than can attach and grow bacteria
* Water based lubes are gummy and get absorbed quickly... Monkey Milk stays slick and smooth
* Monkey Milk is a wonderful lotion if you have dry or flakey skin

We have 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz bottles for sale. If you would like larger bottles please send us a message we can accommodate your request. We offer discounts when ordering quantities. Contact Dr. Rylie if you are interested. Pricing depends on the amount of bottles you would be purchasing

~~MONKEY MILK is made & packaged by Dr. Rylie~~

MONKEY MILK has been used for almost 15 years in Dr. Rylie's office on over 10,000 clients. Dr. Rylie specializes in Prostate Therapy so she knows how important a good quality Lubricant is. She has had 1000's of her clients asking where they could purchase the product. She started making it and selling it about 5 years ago. It is in shops and stores all over the USA. We are new to Ebay.

Most silicone personal lubricants are just silicone with no other ingredients. MONKEY MILK is different and the texture is very much like a lotion.

FOR MEN~ MONKEY MILK is great for Prostate Massages and use with Toys.

FOR LADIES~ MONKEY MILK works great when your natural secretions are just not enough. Perfect for use with toys.

FOR COUPLES~ MONKEY MILK is perfect for those intimate moments when you want to use the ART OF CONSCIOUS Touch and get close. Perfect for giving your partner that million dollar massage.

MONKEY MILK is great for everyday lotion as well as massage cream! A little goes a long way.

Perfect for Mutual Masturbation.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our listing. We guarantee once you try MONKEY MILK you will look no further. This is the only product you will ever need!!!

Monkey MIlk Bottle Sizes

Thank you so much.... We Appreciate your business!!