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hi I would like to say Dr Riley is really good at what she does. I have kind of been delving deeply into Tantra lately and I saw the results and difference during our session. It is not about sex respect her. It was a vulnerable experience. I had to get completely nude but she is so nice and professional and it didn't feel awkward as we talked for a while and I was undressed. As you ride organic waves up and down you say control when you hit an 8 or so. I was super cautious not to pass an 8 because
I wanted to do the session correctly. After 5 or so of those stop and starts she asks can she penetrate and does not do so before you agree. She also talks too letting you know she sees how your body is reacting. She begins to penetrate by rubbing the anus feels good then firmly not hard but firmly locates the prostate. A bit uncomfortable but once done made my eyes roll. We work up to 5 more orgasms but this time when I say control she's still firmly massaging my prostate. She tells me it is throbbing uncontrollably and asks if I'd like to ejaculate. I agree and she gives me full long stroks my body pushes her finger out and I ejaculated two or three different consistencies a cloudy white thick a clear liquid and then normal looking semen showing my fluid was mixed. I felt good for days after. Practice when you get home. The most arousing part is having to surrender to the session.