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Daily Posts!!!!

Hey everyone!!!
I would like to start posting enteries here on our sessions and serives.....Of course I will not be using any names and no email or any other personal information ok so no worries

We want to encourage our VIP clients ( which is the ones who we have had the pleasure to meet )!!!!! to leave reviews here for others to read as they visit our webpage...We ask that you ONLY put in the info. that you do not mind being public!! If leaving an email address others may contact you, so please DO NOT leave ANY private info on here.....

~~~~So if you are just passing thru THANK YOU & We welcome your comments..........~~~~

So until later we look forward to seeing new posts...

Let us know your thoughts on having a certain time of day for a LIVE CHAT Session for Questions & Answers!!

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Ok so so things didnt go as planned. I was not able to take the time to do a "Daily Post". I will however be working on this & trying to keep you updated on the changes that occur.

As most of you know we will be moving shortly to a permenant location. Keep checking back to keep up on on the "gossip".....

Thank you to all who make us LOVE our jobs!!!!!


Happy 4th Of July!!!!

So a note to all on the 4th. of July

We hope everyone was safe & had a wonderful time!!!!!

Best Wishes
Rylie & Shea

Daily Posts!!!!

So how was everyones weekend???
I do hope it was great and very fullfilling.....

I would like to remind you that we will be in North Bergen until the 16th so please make your appointments for this coming week.

Im getting closer to The Couples Workshop So if you are interested please send me an email and I will get the info to you ok...

Well in closing on this Sunday evening "Be Safe & Take Some Time for Yourself"......


Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Hi to All!!!!

Today (Saturday) will be the last day for NJ appointments. We are scheduling for Monday the 24th. back in NJ.


Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Good Day to everyone!!!!

Well our move in date is getting closer so we are very excited. Thank you to those who have used our amazon wish list.

We are taking appointments for Thursday & Friday......

Our first Couples Workshop will be coming up on August 19th so keep checking back here for details.....

Until Later

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Are you ladies in NJ? If so where? Do you ever do footjobs or is that not a part of the whole Tantric experience? I'm kind of interested...No disrespect intended, I wish you the very best!

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Gentlemen we need to book as many as possible this next fews days. We are moving. So email or call us today...


It's Monday

Hey everyone,

Ok gentlemen we are in need of your help. We have to move & we need you to book a session with us so we can make our deposit. And since nothing is free in the world we need to work for it. We need 1000 so lets get to going guys....

Thank you to so many of you that actually do help and care about us.


Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Hey everyone sorry I havent been on here for a few days.

So I have lots of news our condo will not be ready until September so guess what we are going to spend August traveling again lol...
The good part is we are getting to see alot of nice areas.

So we will be in Cherry Hill starting the 7th. of August till the 10th.

We would like to send a thank you out to all wonderful clients and say we very much appreciate you.


The New & Improved Daily Post!!

WE will be doing sessions out of our NEW place at the end of this week. We have been getting the everything prepared & ready.

We cant begin to tell you how very excited we are to finally be in a permanent location. We have waited a year so thank you to all who has made it possible.
Don't forget you can use the amazon wishlist for payments we most def. need household goodies. This is a fresh start for us!!!!

We can now accpet Credit Cards but are unable to accept American Express. Im working on getting that changed. I will keep you updated.

Until later

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

We are now in our permenant place!!! We are so excited..........

Shea is leaving on vacation for 3 weeks so Im going "solo" lol.......

See you soon!!!!!!!

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

So Im running behind it looks like for this weekend.... Sorry so please be patient.

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Hello Everyone

New news is Rylie took Wednesday off so I will be taking appointments starting Thursday.

If you would like to get in for a session this weekend
Sundays are By Appointment Only!!!

Thank you

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

I would like to start having Singles & Couples potlucks & training classes here at my new studio. This would be something weekly or bi weekly.
My plans are to have a 2 hr class & since there is more then just the massage to Tantra I would like to be able to have you understand all of it and how important it is to have in your personal life and your intimate life.

I need some input on this and Im also planning on having the first Singles & Couples Workshops so if you are interested in those please respond so I can get this in the works sweetie.


Re: Daily Posts!!!!

So I have been not doing so well again on Daily Post! Im so sorry.

Im seeing clients all week. So for you that do not have the new office number it is 201-430-3204

Talk to you soon


So here is how Rylie's Sunday went A MUST READ!!!

Hopefully you will find some kind of humor in this...

I found a GINORMOUS IGUANA in my backyard!!!!
Now Im from the country don't forget, However I do not recall seeing anything this big before.....It must be at least 3 feet long.... He certainly is not a very friendly man.

************MORAL to Rylie's Story****************
If you KNOW anything about these things please let me know. I DO NOT want this thing & Need to find him a home.
I have put signs out hopefully his rightful owner will come looking for him. If not if you know of a rescue or something please let me know.

Thank You

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Hello to All on this great day!

I was out a few days sick, but now taking appointments up till Sept.28th.

Remember Im going on vacation for those of you who are regular clients we need to get your appointments in before then.

Thank you to all of those who helped me have a great B-Day!

Don't forget if you know ANYONE who wants this **** Iguana LOL....please call me asap 201-430-3204

Have a GREAT WEEK Everyone!!!!

************Thought of the Day****************

Encourage Yourself to Discover the Very Best & INSIST That You Keep Searching Till You Find It!!!!!!

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Happy Friday!!!!!

Great News......

The Iguana is gone!!!!!! YEAH.........

Remember Im going on vacation next Thursday!!!!!

I will be open all weekend so call now to get a session booked

Until Later

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

So here we start a new week WOW September is almost over!!!!!!!

I was leaving for vacation on the 29th but I think I will postpone it another week.

I would like to speak my mind on the LOVELY gentleman who left the "OH SO NICE REVIEW" on CL. Yes you are correct I did cancel appointments. This is due to the after effects of the flood a few weeks ago. I had to call out a plumber due to pipe issues so in "THE BEST INTEREST" of my clients I did cancel due to the sanatation and cleanleness of the studio. However all is well now and things are back up and going.

So a HUGE Thank you to those who were patient during that time. I appreciate that very much.

**** happens to me just as it happens to you. We are all human and can not always CONTROL mother earths challanges.

So lets make this week count!!!!!!!!!!

Call me today to set up your session.

Until next time

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

This week started off GREAT!!! How about yours??? I certainly hope all is well...

This weeks news............

Guys I want to go into detail & answer a few questions that seem to keep coming up. When you decide to explore & venture into the "World of Tantra" you will be experiencing a completely NEW adventure. Here is why I say this...

From the time you were a young boy, you have always realted an erection to ejaulation. Why? Well it's the human nature. For those who have seen the 40 year old virgin you know it is not pratical that you make a romatic date with yourself to "masterbate". It is always "race to the finish". With that being said your mind has been programmed for the "race to the finish". Now in Sex Ed class it was pretty simple.....Depending on what year you had this class would tell alot. This all adds up to the simple facts:

***Being a "Minute Man"
***Pre-Mature Ejaculation
***Trouble Focusing on your self
***Lack of Confidence

The problems these cause in relationships can be very serious. As terrible as it is men have always been the one with all the responsibility of being the "leader", the "one responsible for being a great lover", "always saying & doing the right thing", "judged on the size of your penis", "expected to last hours". Now why is this?

Guys the truth is both men & women have the wrong impression about "SEX". When you hear the word SEX what do you think about? Most would say "intercourse"

I want you to think about something....Take what you know about "SEX" & ask yourself "what does it mean to me personally?". Now take a look at "The Art of Tantra" & ask yourself "what can I gain as a person by learning about Tantra?". The answer is ALOT. Not only sexually, but emotionally, spiritually, we all know that anything in this world that can bring that is worth looking into.

Remember you are the only one who can bring happiness to yourself.

Take this with you

"You appreciate the value of time & make every second count for something"

Until Later

Re: Daily Posts!!!!


You've just described at least 3/4 of the men on Earth. Truth is, you're right. But can Tantra REALLY lead to longer, more fulfilling sessions of intercourse? When it comes down to it, that's the biggest thing we're looking for -- prolonged sex.

Most all of us know that a woman's orgasm isn't usually a result of the "in and out". It takes stimulation of the clitoris to achieve that. But to be able to do the "in and out" for an extended period of time, in addition to stimulating our partners, would certainly be nice. And I have a feeling our partners would appreciate it just as much as we would.

So is the learning of Tantra sort of like weight lifting? "When I started lifting, I could only bench 100 lbs. Now I'm up to 200 lbs." By strengthening muscles, one can lift more. So by strengthening Tantra muscles, so to speak, can we really last longer?

Thanks for the insight!

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

You are absolutely correct. It is all a redirection of what your brain all ready knows & once you are taught a "new approach" & how your body will react to it your body will strive for that feeling, the emotions, you will discover. tantra brings out so much in yourself that you are not even aware that you are capable of.

Some ask me if it is possible "to teach an old dog new triacks" & I say ANYTHING is possible I do it every day.

Let me explain one thing about one of your statements:

The women needs clitoris stimulation where as the guy can get the stimulation from the "friction" of the "in & out" feeling.

Until Later
Thank you for the reply

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

My trip was postponed so Im taking appointments all week
Looks like we get to spend another week together. Yeah!!!!

So lets have a great week!!!!!!

Until Later

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Good Thursday Morning!!!

Well as most of you know I have postponed my trip so I will be taking appointments all weekend.

I have hired a new receptionist so when you call you will speaking to Kim. She can answer all your questions & will be sure to do her best to get you in when it is good for you..... A few things to remember when calling, it is much easier for both parties if you know what session you are interested in. If you are not sure about the Prostate we will do our best to answer any question you might have but remember it is your "G" Spot.

Have a great day & we look forward to seeing you soon


Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Hello Everyone,
Happy Wednesday I just would like to say thank you to those who are setting appointments and KEEPING them. There is nothing worse then taking the time to make the appointment then not even calling to cancel.
So here is my solution as I said before I know the ones who do this probably do it to more then just me. I guess it is time to start putting the names & numbers on CL for the other providers to know you are a flake.

Now for those of you who make & keep your appointments I can't thank you enough for the consideration. We really do appreciate it & we love you for it.

So have a great rest of the week


Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Ok so everyone knows Im terribly sad about the Yankees. I guess we just have to say better luck next year.
So next up is good old David Wright let's see what he can do.
Yes You all know we wanted a Subway Series but since that isn't going to happen.

I will stand behind all my wonderful Mets fans!!!! As hard as this is to say to the entire world. LOL...

I think the boys should all travel by horses from now on.

Our sympathy goes out to the Lidle Family.
Being a Mantle we know what it is like to loose a great player and a dedicated Yankee...


Re: Daily Posts!!!!

No activity lately...still in business?


Re: Daily Posts!!!!

YES LOL!!!!!

Im happy to announce we have been decorating our new studio & in Janurary we will be expanding again. So yes sweetie we are doing great.

I have had a little time off but still working 6 days a week.

Kim is now with me as my office assistant so scheduling will be much easier.

We will be getting ready for our first Workshop so keep an eye out for dates and registration information ok.

Everyone have a perfect Friday!!!!!!!!!!!


Rylies New Personal Assistant

We need to clear up 1 issue. Kim works in the office as my Personal Assistant. She is not currently working "with" me during the sessions. She is able to get you set up with an appointment or help to answer any questions you may have about our services.

Sorry for the misunderstanding....


Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Rylie will be taking off Monday due to remodeling. We will be taking appointments for the rest of the week.

We strongly encourage you to call or email to set your appointment.
If you call the office at 201-430-3204 please leave your name number and what session and for how long. Kim will be calling you to schedule.
We appreciate all your patients and look forward to meeting all of you.

Rylie & Kim

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Great News!!!!!

We are now taking appointments for Tuesday thru Sunday.

We want to thank all of you who hung in there and were understanding during our remodeling.

Thank you
Rylie & Kim

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

This is regarding the negative energy from CL. Here is a copy of an email I sent out in response to one email I had regarding the Flags & Negative energy floating around on CL.

Here is my response:

Well Im very curious to know where you received your bad reviews from any where other then CL.I do not advertise anywhere but CL & the backpages.com. The two reviews on CL were from a guy who came to my studio and I choose not to see due to my personal right to refuse service.

You see I have to advertise on CL in the Erotic due to me dealing with the genitals. However Im not offering any type of sexual services so men tend to get the wrong impression.

My sessions are all about Tantra and what I teach is all about learning more then just how to have sex. I don't consider my self to be a massage therapist. I specialize in Tantra & if people would take more time reading the website instead of just looking at the prices & the fact it is in the Erotic section they would see why I set my prices the way I do.

As far as me personally I am very upfront & very clear about what services I offer and what the boundaries are. You know I have been here over a year & have never dealt with bad reviewes or smack talk on here. Now I have to and I will continue to stand up for my rights as a business owner and a Holistic Practioner and I just hope that people consider the source of where it came from. I know I can't please everyone.

As far as wanting both sides of the story I hope this helps you to understand my side.

So if anyone has any questions please feel free to call and speak with one of us we will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

THank you

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Great News everyone!!!!

Rylie will be going on vacation Nov.26th thru Nov.29th.
To Niagara Falls. I'm so very excited......

So get in now by calling Kim at 201-430-3204


Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Hello Good Friday to everyone........

As you know I'm going on vacation in a few weeks so we need to get everyone scheduled.
I will be working Mon thru Fri 10 am till late evening so we can work with your schedule.

We appreciate all the wonderful clients we have goten to meet lately.

We are also putting together our first Workshop so if you want to be on the list to be notified of the dates and times please call Kim and give her your conract info.

See you soon

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Happy Day after Thanksgiving!!!!
We do hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Day...

For those of you still in town and get get away we are open today Friday and all weekend. Im not leaving for vacation until next week.

So give Kim a call and get your appointment set up today for this weekend.



Re: Daily Posts!!!!

We would like to say thank you to everyone for a wonderful Thanksgiving Week. We sure hope everyone had a great week & was very safe.

We are working frantically to get our Workshops set up. What a better gift for your partner thru the Holiday Seasons.

Gentlemen I'm seeing more & more men who are starting to worry about Prostate Cancer. This is a growing concern to All men & believe it or not 1 in 3 men are being finding that they have it. So guys please take the time to read about The Sacred Spot Prostate it could maybe help you decide if you have any signs or symptoms & it may be time to go in for an exam.

I'm currently working with a Dr. with a Medical Degree and practices here close by. Who strongly agrees that this method is far more natural, more healthy, & far more effective then "most" pharmaceutical drugs on the market.
My advice is before you make any major steps in choosing to start taking a drug give Tantra a try.

Thought for the day!!!!

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

This week is going to be touch and go.....We are having a new furnace put in this week so Im not sure if the days I will be able to see clients. So when calling try to have a time and day that works best for you and we will try to arrange it so that we can see you.

Think happy thoughts I suppose "when it rains, it pours with Rylie's luck" so thank you all your great and very understanding we greatly appreciate that.


Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Ok Looks like this week we are going to be available Wed., Thur., Sat. So please note NO FRIDAY!!!

See you all soon hope all is well and everyone is having a GREAT Holiday Season.

Rylie & Kim

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Don't forget NO Friday work! As of now it looks like we will notbe able to see clients on Friday, however we may get lucky and they will finish early so we may be able to take night appointments.

Call or email us if you are interested in being on the list for Friday if we are able to work....

Stay Warm, Be Safe, &
Happy Holidays to everyone however you might spend them!

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Hello to all,

We would like to let you know that we will be open everyday but Christmas Day!!

We will be extending our hours thru the Holiday Season to fit your schedules.

What better gift to give a partner then the gift of love. Thru Rylie's Tantra Classes you will learn to be a Better Lover & Learn how to introduce Tantra into your current Intimate life.

Call us today to set up a Private Tantra Class.

Have a very safe & Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Happy almost New Year!!!!

We will be open on New Year's Eve until 6 or so if you still would like to set up a session before the New Year..........

Please everyone be safe, smart, and have lots of fun....

R & R Intimate Remedies

Re: Daily Posts!!!!







Re: Daily Posts!!!!


Looks like this year is starting off GREAT!!!!!

We are back to our regular business hours. Call to set up a time.

Please take a tour thru the website we have added changes. Make sure to call if you have any questions about our services.


Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Hello to all!

Wow we are going into our second month in 2007!!!!

we would like to say Thank you to all of you who keep us going......

We have a bunch of new interesting ideas for our sessions. We will be offering a new session which includes a Bed & Breakfast for Couples.......

Let us know if you would like some info on the B&B.

New week

Hi everyone,

New news to report. Kim is no longer with R & R Intimate Remedies so when calling please leave a detailed message if Rylie can notge tto thecall. I willreturn all your calls as soon as possible.
I will be in sessions so if you are looking for the same day session please be specific on your time andthe session you want.

Thank you

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

R&R Intimate Remedies will be traveling alot this summer & I really need your ideas & suggestions on where a good location would be.

My Workshops & Seminars are getting underway & I would love for each and everyone of you to be able to experience the Tantra Knowledge & Importance of the Art of Concious Touch.

I do appreciate the patience of everyone during this time when Im trying to be my own Personal Assistant. Im not that multi talented LOL.... so thank you very much for all your support.


Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Rylie would like to introduce you to my new Personal Assistant Melissa. She will be available Mon. Thru Fri. from 10 am till 6pm.

Please feel free to call for information on our sessions. We will ask you to visit the website for a complete list of the services and details before calling.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you very soon.


Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Well it has been a while since I have posted any Daily News!!

So today Monday March 26th I have decided to post a little something......

Since having Melissa in the office now things have been going much smoother. I thank all of you who give her the respect of being my Persoanl Assistant and feeling free to open up to her so she can better help me prepare for our session together.

Now that things are back on track so to speak I will be working in Queens 2 days a week. It will either be Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays. So this may help some of you who are in the area.
if you would like to make an appointment you can call Melissa anytime to schedule.

So for htose of you who have suggestions or comments please feel free to leave them in our Guestbook it is private so only we can read it.

Thank you
Dr. Rylie

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

Hi Everyone I haven't written in a while so I thought I would give the latest updates.

First about our NYC location......

We would like to come out to Queens 1 or 2 days a week, but we need to be sure that you know the days and times we will be visiting so you can set up your appointment ahead of time. You can call the office and speak to Melissa for complete information. We would like to get this started ASAP!!

As far as traveling to the other cities. We are always open for suggestions. Remember that it would be helpful if you let Melissa know where you would like to have us visit. It may be possible for us to arrange a visit to the cities you request.

We hope to have you visit very soon.

Please remember Rylie is a Dr. of Holistic Tantra Intimate Remedies.

That is all for today

Re: Daily Posts!!!!

It has been three months since you posted on your Daily Posts. Being that you seem to be in some kind of a transitional phase right now where it seems impossible to make appointments (perhaps you're on vacation?) how about keeping us updated as to when you will be returning and where you will be availabe for appointments on the daily post board.


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