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So many of you visit us, but not many have left reviews. I think it is very important to everyone that they get to see reviews. I will be posting a few that we had on our Yahoo page for you to see.

However we are offering a $25 discount on your next session if you leave a review after your first session.

There are so many people who would love to get an idea of how others react.

You can leave everything anonymous as far as name and email if you would like.

Thank you Guys we appreciate it!!!!!!


Re: Reviews

Here is a review dated back from January 2006......
you can also see more at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tantramassagenj
in the messages.

Hi Rylie!

Thanks again for a terrific massage session. I just wish I would have
booked it for a longer time. That will be for next time. I saw Ryle
this past Saturday in the morning, and it was superb!

Guys, this type of session that Rylie provides is really a great
experience. If you have never had a prostate massage, then you must
experience it. Not only is it enjoyable, it is healthy as well. You
need to go in with an open mind, and let Rylie take control of you.
She is very knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to. Welcome to the NJ
area, and I am looking forward to seeing you again!


Re: Reviews

Here is another one for you to read slso to be located on the website in the first review reply...

Re: Review


I went just before Christmas. It was one of the most wonderful
expereince I have ever had. I had a male g spot massage. Rylie
administered one of the most sensual and enjoyable massage I have ever
received. Boh ladies are very nice, attractive and have a sense of
humor. I recommend them and plan on returning next month


Re: Reviews

Here is one more.....
Again Im not posting their email address however you may find all of our messages on the yahoo groups site listed in the first reply...

I just wanted to say thank you to Rylie and her girlfriend for the
wonderful and memorable experience. If any potential clients are
reading these postings and have not yet experienced these two women,
you are missing the time of your life. They really, truly care about
how you feel and what you need and provide it generously.
I will be seeing them again after a trip to Taco Bell.
This is a real post, not an advertisement by a friend or colleague.
If you want proof, go to BestGFE under Escort NNJ. You will find a
posting regarding the Ridgefield Park Tantra massage. My posting is
under the pseudonym Spyderman.
Thanks girls, can't wait to see you again.

Re: Reviews

well here is my review, keep in mind I was not an A student in english, and hated book reports....
I went to see the girls down in AC today. I had a wonderful time with them.They are very good with their hands and very pleasent to talk with(I am normaly shy) the bath was nice but the water could of been a little hotter(just kidding the water was fine).
I enjoyed the whole time, but if I was to pick out my favorite part I would have to say it was the attention durring the massage and conversation afterward and Shea's nails were driving me nuts...

Hopefully they come back again soon, I will be back again.


Review of Session on 8/3

I had the pleasure of meeting Rylie and Shea this past Thursday for the first time. I have had "Tantric" sessions with other providers before and usually came away unfulfilled. So after seeing the post on CL and reviewing the info on their website I thought this might be different than all the others. Man, was I ever right!

I booked a one and a half hour prostate massage and had one of the most incerdible orgasmic experiences of my 46 years. Rylie took the time to talk to me before, during and after the session about what was going to happen and what sensations and emotions I might go through. Shea prepared and performed my "bath ceremony" and I managed not to kill myself getting in and out of a rather small hotel tub (I'm 6'4").

Then she had me lie down on the bed and started with a nice medium touch massage to help me relax. A side note here... Guys, you need to remember this is all about you riding the wave of pleasure. It is not about sex! After a half hour of massage I roll over and start my breathing exercises in preperation for Rylie and the prostate massage.

I'm not going to go into detail here but I will say the the next half hour was one of the most intense experiences I have had when it comes to Tantric Massage. Rylie...you took me to a place I only use to dream about.... you use just the right amount of pressure and yet you were so gentle. While I was enjoying the g-spot massage I had the pleasure of having Shea continue her light touch massage all over my Lingam area. Guys these ladies know their stuff!

You need to enter with an open mind and remember...This is not about SEX! Relax and enjoy!

Rylie and Shea, I wish you all the best in getting into your new place. I'll be calling on you again soon. Love, Ken

Re: Reviews

To all who look here for reviews Im so sorry that most of my clients are very discreet and do not wish to discuss there sessions. However I would like you to take note that I am very strick on client privacy & confidentiality.

Thank you Rylie

Re: Reviews

To those of you who do not feel comfortable leaving a review for the public due to names and email address, you may go to our Guestbook. It is Private only to Rylie. I wold love to hear your thoughts, Good, Bad, opinions, suggestions.

So please do it helps us to better know what our clients want.

Thank you so much

Re: Reviews


I see a lot of good reviews and information, especially on the 2 therapists. I'm very interesting in a private session. How can bi set up an appointment.

Thanks, Noel