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What is the definition of Intimacy between couples?

Couples Ladies & Gentlemen you can bring back that special "SPARK" in your Intimate lives.

Most people spend their whole lives with a person they promised to Honor & Love & Cherish their entire life and what goes first? The intimacy they found when they first met. This is due to everyday stresses and daily routines. Most find that at the end of the day they just crawl into bed and say "goodnight" because they are to tired to even snuggle.

Why is this? Well it is proven that most couples "take for granted" their partner after a while and get in a "comfort zone" This tends to happen when you have been with someone for a while. the sad thing is most couples don't know how to make a CHANGE!!!!
How do you tell your partner that you want a change or you would like to try something different? It is certainly not easy. Most people do not want to mention this to their spouse for fear that they may upset them or maybe offend them.

Now here is a great thought!!!!!!

America's divorce rate is so high due to the fact most couples divorce on the grounds of "irreconcilable differences" Don't let this happen to the life or family and marriage you have built for yourself and your spouse.........

Be open to speaking with your partner and use communication.

More to come!!!!!

Thank you Dr. Rylie

Re: What is the definition of Intimacy between couples?

I agree with you 100%. Communication is important but so is compromising.If we can do both it makes life more enjoyable-Peace.