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Questions & Answers for Workshops

Question: What happens in a Workshop?


Our Workshops are set up and designed to cover many avenues of relationships. Both personal and as a Couple. The Workshop is a very relaxed, fun experience. You will learn how to communicate your feelings to your partner, you will learn relaxation techniques. There will be fun exercises, activities and sharing groups. It is a great learning experience for both Singles and Couples.

Question: Is your Workshop for both Singles and Couples? Do you have to have a partner to attend?


Our Workshops are equally valuable to both Singles. We have created our Workshops to benefit anyone who attends. Our information that is taught during our workshops will address individuals as both a Single and a Couple. One very important thing to remember about Tantra is you need to find yourself as an individual before you can share yourself with a partner.
What you learn at our workshops, if attending as a single, can be brought back to your relationship.

Question: How can I benefit from this Workshop as a Single?


As an individual, you must first find happiness and fulfillment in yourself. You must learn to be in touch with your entire being. It is important that you can be true to yourself in your own needs and desires sexually. You will learn your own boundaries, such as your doubts, fantasies, fears, wants, etc. Once you learn these things about yourself, you will be able to have a healthy, loving and intimate relationship with others.

Question: I would like to take steps to bring something new into my relationship, but my partner would never attend a Workshop. What should I do?

Many couples have this same issue, it is very common. Some people are not comfortable sharing their personal lives with groups of people. Many couples can not even express their need for change, to their partner. We suggest you attend a Workshop to learn how to communicate your desires to bring new things into your relationship. You will also learn techniques that can be very beneficial in opening up your partners mind.

Question: If I am a single person attending the Workshop, but in a committed relationship, will my boundaries be respected?


Of course! R & R Intimate Remedies honors and respects committed relationships. We would never ask you to be a part of anything that would make you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or disrespected. We teach Sacred Love and Sacred Intimacy. You will not be put in a compromising position during our Workshops.

Question: I'm very interested in attending one of your Workshops, however I am afraid I ma be nervous around people I don't know.


We completely understand this concern. It is Dr. Rylie's goal to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome when attending a Workshop. The atmosphere is very relaxed and inviting. We put great thought and detail into our Workshops. Everyone attending probably has the same concerns so we take great care in respecting your fears of attending. Keep in mine everyone attending is also here to learn Tantra Intimate Remedies and you are not alone.

Question: What are some things I will learn in your Workshop?


As with anything new we need to learn the basics first. Understand what we are learning and how to make it work for us in our future. Tantra is a form of Sacred Sex and Intimate Remedies, so you will be able to use what you learn as long as you are having any form of relationships. They do not have to be sexual to benefit form Tantra, you will learn to have self expression, a positive outlook on your relationship with others. You can learn to overcome distrust issues, past traumatic sexual experiences, communication, verbal, emotional, sexual and physical. Most importantly learning to love and appreciate yourself.

Question: I have past Sexual Abuse issues. Is a Tantra Workshop right for me?


This will all depend on where you feel you are at in your healing process. Healing form Sexual abuse is different with each individual. If you are able to face the issues and speak about them, a Workshop would most likely be beneficial. Our Workshops are very positive and uplifting. Tantra would be a great way for you to gain control of your Sexual feelings, thoughts, wants, desires and needs, in order to build a healthy Intimate relationship in your future. We have a huge success rate with others dealing with similar issues. If for some reason you are not sure, please feel free to email us at randrspa@gmail.com and we can set up a phone meeting to determine whether we think our Workshop is appropriate or not.

Question: What do you hope people learn by attending your Workshop?


Dr. Rylie's wishes for everyone who has opened their minds by attending one of our Workshops would be to learn you can have everything you want and desire, Sexually and Em