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Questions & Answers about basic Tantra Learning

Question: What areas do you service?


R & R Tantra Intimate Remedies travels all over the United States. We hold Workshops and Private Sessions in all Major Cities.

Question: Is tipping customary?


Although appreciated, tipping is not expected. We leave that up to the Individual client.

Question: What is your Privacy Policy?


Our clients can be 100% guaranteed that all information is confidential. Our Workshops and Private Sessions are considered to be a Sacred Space, any information shared, whether written or orally conveyed is kept in the strictest confidence and will never be shared with any other person or organization.
We understand that when you come to R & R you are opening up on so many personal levels and we hold that in the highest respect. In order to fully benefit form the Tantra experience you must be honest and fully open up.
R & R does not mail anything to the address given unless requested. R & R does not use the telephone number provided to contact you unless given permission. R & R will use an email address for communication if we need to contact you.

If you are a "High Profile" client, please make R & R aware of this when scheduling an appointment. Please communicate any special unique needs you may have.

Special considerations can be extended such as.....

*Special booking procedure for your sessions

*Longer time between your session and other appointments ensuring absolutely no contact with other clients.

*Any other privacy needs to ensure your complete privacy and comfort.