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My photo albums

I would value any helpful feedback from those who have viewed my photo albums, please.

In addition, any helpful or constructive comments regarding the rest of the site would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, some things are beyond my control, for example, the lack of an 'edit' facility in this message board.

Nevertheless, I hope that you will all enjoy using my site. You are all welcome (unless, of course, you happen to be a member of the RCO council....)

Re: My photo albums

I think that the RCO have already read and digested some of what 'organists out there' are saying about them,. Not before time.

I wonder if the editorial panel of 'The Organ' and 'Organists' Review' can be similarly informed. In this regard, I admit to being a coward.

I have nothing to fear or expect from The RCO, by contrast I have (in the past) received some kind support from both organists review and The Organ - they have reviewed my CDs and published these. I cannot afford to alienate them, I'm afraid. Besides, it feels like biting the hand that fed me.

I have lots to say about these two glossy publications but chicken out! I did collar Richard Popple of the IAO on the subject when I saw him recently at a private function. I bet he wishes he hadn't asked what I think. It was a pretty comprehensive and vehement opinion!

Re: My photo albums

I enjoyed the photos very much, especially the organs.

I don't suppose it's possible to get a longer range shot of the minster organ? It would be nice see it in the wider context of the building, but I guess you'd need a time exposure for that.