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Re: Mander discussion site

Me neither Paul - seems like another security issue from a brief scan of the rather 'serious' looking error page.

Re: Mander discussion site

Mander website is working OK for me and I agree with Steve... lets keep it going here.


Re: Mander discussion site

You are all most welcome here. I would be interested to know if anyone feels inclined to use the on-line live chat facility. If so, perhaps we could find a way of synchronising times, if people are interested. Personally, I would find it fascinating to take part in a discussion regarding organ matters over the 'net.

Re: Mander discussion site

Yes - I think a bit of live chat would be interesting if the right people were around at the right time. I'm not sure I could add anything particularly valuable, but I'm sure I could learn something worthwhile!


Re: Mander discussion site

Its gone again.........


Re: Mander discussion site

The Mander board still seems to be down.

Hi Sean - still no luck with your guestbook, but hopefully this will work.

Haven't had time to browse everything, but seems like a good site!

Just one point with which I would take issue in your "Journal" - why would anyone want to avod "the scantily-clad shivering nymphettes who are busy drinking all the vodka" ? Send a few my way any day!!



Re: Mander discussion site


No - you are probably correct. However, I think that even you would wish to avoid the Protective Dyke....

I ned to contact JPM tomorrow, so I will also ask about the Mander board.

In the meantime, please tell everyone that I will be delighted for people to use my site. Incidentally, although (for some bizarre reason) there is no 'edit' facility on this board, there is a 'preview' button, with an opportunity to make changes, so it is almost as good - honest!

Andrew - I see what you mean about the guestbook. It is now a bit late, but I will try to investigate tomorrow and see if I can sort it out.

Re: Mander discussion site

Oh my God - this board's clock is SO wrong....

Remember that, whilst this board does not possess some of the features of the excellent Mander board, I do have live discussion - if anyone wishes to chat. You will need a recent version of Java enabled, in order to participate. ....

.... and the emoticons are more fun, too....

Yes, thank you So much....

Re: Mander discussion site

OK, even though it is late, I have sorted the guestbook (hopefully). At present, the fields in the post response page are clearly labelled....

Re: Mander discussion site

I spoke to John Pike Mander today, who informed me that his webmaster is working to try to ensure that the board is back on-line as soon as possible.

However, at present, she (the webmaster) is not sure exactly what has happened and the server is not being particularly helpful.