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Re: modern mechanical action jobs

I would agree with your thoughts, Paul.

I was interested to learn of the eventual destination of the console case. H&H consoles did occasionally look a little functional on the outside. The console for Coventry Cathedral (before it gained its outer skin of dead cow) looked very plain. The RFH console is also quite ordinary - perhaps befitting the clean lines of its surroundings.

You are correct regarding Sherborne - it is simply not loud enough. I am also concerned about the quality of the voicing - particularly the new work. This is one of the reasons why I am still apprehensive about the new organ at you-know-where. Having played Sherborne and Honiton and having heard Dulwich (and the report of a friend who has played the new organ at Eton College), I find the voicing to be undistinguished - even 'rough' in places. Joe Sentance also made clear to me his feelings on the new work at Sherborne.

I, too, am amazed at the apparent ease with which the Sherborne congregation came up with £350,000 for the latest attempt. If only we could find that sort of money at my church! However, if we did, I can assure you that there will be no question of ruining the instrument - and no nonsense about tracker action. I could tell you an interesting story about this - however, probably not on an open board!

Re: modern mechanical action jobs

Spoil sport.
Do tell........!
[By e-mail if necessary.]