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The Duchess Cafe, Halfway

I am looking for some help in locating a photograph of a cafe (The Duchess Cafe) that was on Hamilton Road through the late 1950s into the 80s as far as I know. I have seen posts on this forum from back in 2005/06 where a couple of people were talking about it, one even posted a poem about it.

The cafe was owned by my grandfather Tony (Antonio) La Piazza, and his father Giuseppe before him. As I mentioned someone has previously talked about it and they mentioned that they were served by Marie - this was my great aunt. It is my Dad's birthday coming up and I have been trying to locate an old photo of his father's cafe, or even of the street at this time, to get printed and framed as a gift.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Your location Glasgow

Re: The Duchess Cafe, Halfway

Julie La Piazza I loved that café spend most of my life in there had to go in at night for a roll and egg.. or a cup of oxo..before going home ..
I have a pic somewhere I will look for is
when I got married I lived in craigalian ave .. I knew toni and the rest of his sisters they live above the cafe

Your location england