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Old Cambuslang

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Old Cambuslang
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Kings Crescent - early 1970s

Back in the early 1970s - We (mum -Mary) and 6 kids - lived in 4 Kings Crescent ,Cambuslang.
Sadly - mum died in 1973 and the family split.
Only now are 5 of us back in touch.We would love to find our brother Alex.We understand that at some point in the mid 70s - he stayed at number 1 Kings Cres with the Doyle family.

My memories of that time are a bit faded !

However - I remember a friend of mums - Mary (McFarlane or Devlin - not sure which).She lived round the corner 5 or 7 I think. DOES THIS RING ANY BELLS ?

ALSO - The Chisholm family - from Queens Crescent .
Frank and Isobel and their kids William,Fiona,Iain and Gordon - ANYONE KNOW WHERE THEY ARE ?

Your location Whitley Bay