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My family, the Smiths and the Browns

Just curious to know if anyone on this forum knew/knows any of my family members. My Dad, John Smith was born and raised at Flemington Farm and the family moved to 10 Queens Ave around 1957/58 (I think!). My Dad has 6 siblings, Alex, Bobby, Davy, Tom, Cathleen and Billy. My Dad passed away in 1989. My Uncle Alex turned 80 in March.

My Mum, Janet Brown lived at 6 Queens Ave and had 5 brothers and sisters, Robert, Claude, Rose, Andy, and Margaret. Mum died in 1994, Uncle Robert in 1993 and Uncle Claude passed away this year.

My extended family are spread all over the world,Canada, Australia, England, Northern Ireland, Germany, Spain, Malaysia but all proud of their Cambuslang roots. :)

Your location Canada