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Henderson family from Westburn

Hi after any information on the Henderson family for westburn....

Your location Eastfield

Re: Henderson family from Westburn

Can you be more specific, ie, names, addresses, dates etc

Re: Henderson family from Westburn

Hello John.I can give you lots of stories about the Henderson Family.There was a lot of them, Rita,Margaret,John.June,Joseph,Bobby.Davie.Jessy.Paul and their wee dog Teddy.Their father was a first hand smelter in the steelworks and I worked with John in Redpath Browns drawing office.lots more I can tell you.which one are you? are you one of Rita.s boys, I think she lived in Eastfield.I lived just round the corner from them in Westburn Ave.Bobby,Davie and Paul played daily with my two brothers Crawford and George and myself.
Jim Lowe

Your location Ontario Canada

Re: Henderson family from Westburn

Thanks I have email'd yourself

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Re: Henderson family from Westburn

Just came across this site and I knew a John Henderson who I believe worked in the drawing office at Redpath and Brown. He was a very good friend of mine. The last time I saw him was at his engagement party to Jean Laird. I heard he was talking about moving to Canada but don’t know if he did. He had an austin A40 at that time and was his pride and joy. I wonder if it is the same John I knew. Would like to make contact with him after all these years (over 50 years)
Alex Cowie

Your location Perth, Western Australia