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Family and friends

Just out of sheer curiosity? Does anyone know of the history, members, location or friends of the Dunsmuir family from Cambuslang. I understand there is a few.

Re: Family and friends

I knew a Dunsmuir family from Bain Street, Cambuslang. There was James, Tom and I believe their sister was called Helen or Elenor or something like that. We were all friends when I lived in Bridge street. I believe they moved to Caledonian Circuit, in the 50`s.

Your location Berkshire, England

Re: Family and friends


For more items about the surname, go to my homepage...

and under the title

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Enter Dunsmuir to see all pics featuring that name.

Re: Family and friends

Hi James,

I was born in 13 Bridge Street in 1947, eldest of five sons. My parents were David and Nina Dunsmuir. We moved shortly after to 4 Park Street then 30 Church Street before moving to Cathkin in the late 1950's when Cambuslang was 'modernised'. I still live in the Rutherglen area. Some of the photographs on Ed's website are of my grandfather James, father David(fireman), mother Nina, aunt Jean and two of my brothers David and Gordon. One photograph includes myself plus my mother and brother David at 'a party attended by people from the last three closes in Church Street' in the early 1950's. My grandfather was a miner who eventually became a pub chargehand (see photo on Ed's website).

I hope this email is of some interest to you

Also thanks to Ed for all his hard work creating and maintaining this terrific website.