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Catherine Forrester

Hi ...My mum has asked if i can post her details to see if anyone can remember her ?
She was raised in Hamilton Road,went to Gateside Primary then Gateside High School,she was born in 1935 Catherine Forrester her older Brother was Robert Forrester,her mum my gran was Euphemia and her Dad Archibald Forrester,her Grandparents David and Catherine Lindsay ran a fruit shop in Cambuslang they were from Vicars Walk..

She married my Dad in 1960 dad used to go to the co op dances in halfway apparently a lot of the young men from Burnbank went there.

Mums Aunt (Her Mums Sister) my Great Aunt Peggy who sadly passed away in March at the grand old age of 99 was a supervisor in the hoover factory.

When i came along my gran had moved to lightburn road,used to spend my summer holidays there.

Please if any of her old friends are still with us and remember than feel free to get in touch i can your details on to her x

Your location Hamilton

Re: Catherine Forrester

Sorry that should have said mum was born in 1938 not 1935

Your location Hamilton

Re: Catherine Forrester


There's a photo of a John Forrestor on my website at...

Any connection?

Re: Catherine Forrester

Ed Thank you for replying mum has been on the phone several times today asking if anyone had replied =) I have lots of photos that i need to scan and will send to you..Mums Dad (my papa) had a brother John Forrester but his Father was Also John Forrester and MY younger Cousin that we sadly lost a few years back was called John Forrester after both of them =)..When i get a chance will scan all the photos still got lots more photos to collect from mums x