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Gillan Family

Hello Everyone.

I'm looking into my husbands family tree, I think we have located his father James Gillan in one of the school photos (.St Brides). His father was born in 1938 died in 2000 lived at 60 Glasgow Road and was born there married from the same address.

Other addressees associated with the family are

85 Caledonian Circuit
5 Silverbanks, Cambuslang
30 Stonelaw St, Rutherglen
A R Rows
19 Rosehall, Rutherglen

Family of steel workers bust mostly coal miners.

James's parents were Joseph & Catherine, they were married at St Brides Chapel.

The family go back a few generations in Cambuslang. Other names associated in the family are Peter, John, Samuel, Laurence Rose, Bernadette, Anna, Catherine, Mary, Margaret and maybe many more.

I'm also led to believe they did boxing, is it likely there was a boxing club too.

I'm sure there is Aunts/Uncles & Cousins in the same area and sometimes the family are listed as Gillen/Gilon

I will look forward to hearing from you

Re: Gillan Family

Hi i sent an email gillan family.

Your location edinburgh

Re: Gillan Family

I remember the family well as we all went to St. Brides and Bernadette was either in my class or Margaret Reid’s class Six kids in our family and my brother Michael Emonds did boxing and in the Army Cadets. . All the kids got on really well in the Circuit.
Nice to think back on memory lane.

Your location Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Re: Gillan Family

Thanks for posting your message. As the thread is now some 5 years old I will bring it to the attention of those interested.

On another topic, I seem to recall you mentioning that your brother was in Sid McEwan's choir at St Brides in the 50s.

I am still on the lookout for a colour holiday movie Sid he made at Acharacle in 1955. See my notes on this page. I just wonder if your brother can recall other choir member names at that time.

Sid emigrated to Canada and as far as I know, died there some years ago



Re: Sid McEwan

,Hi Ed,
Yes my two older brothers were Alter Boys and in Sid’s choir , Michael would be the one who would have written on Cambuslang website as he lives in England , Jim lives in Perth Australia. Funny enough Michael has just been in contact with one of our former Circuit neighbours who we grew up with.

I will forward your email to Michael, he has a good memory so I’m sure he’ll remember some of the names. He also does Facebook, I personally don’t do Facebook .
Feel free to connect with him Michael Emonds on Facebook.
I was just looking back as my husband George Coyle who passes away 2014 used to check the Cambuslang website out regularly, especially Meek Place where he lived during the war with his Mum at his Grandparents house while his Dad was away in Europe for five years 1940-45, then they got a prefab in Halfway when he came home.
Just a walk down memory lane.
Nice to hear from you Ed. Take care and be safe during this Covid-19.
Patsy Coyle (Emonds)

Your location Kelowna B.C. Canada