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Re: Park Street, Cambuslang

I remember louis jones well I was his best ma at his wedding you are correct ed they lived in the last close down westburn road
cheers tommy

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Re: Park Street, Cambuslang


We lived at 41 Park street, Cambuslang, long gone, but we must have lived just along from you.


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Re: Park Street, Cambuslang

Seeing '41 Park Street' on your posting took me back to the 1930s and through into the 1950s when my grandparents (Reilly) lived there with a large family (my uncles and aunts). This was a time when that address was something of a second home to me. We lived around the corner at 19 Morriston Street.

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Re: Park Street, Cambuslang

Hi! Francie,
Nice to hear from your good self, and some of the history
of Park Street.
That side of Park Street, {of the odd numbers}{if not the folk]was a bit
posh,with few, if any single ends,although the houses below street level
were not so desirable.
I do remember your relatives who lived in these houses,notably John & Peter
Reilly,i olso remember Mr & Mrs Anderson who had the wee general store
[on the even side]next to the butchers shop, run by Hughie Frew,this
connection gave the odd side some posh 'cred'.
I lived in No 58 Park Street which adjoined the other tenament close at No
56,i still remember most of the families who lived in both these closes.They
were not the most salubrious of properties[with ill health a major factor
on peoples life]but they did! produce some fine people.

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Re: Park Street, Cambuslang

Good to hear from you, Phil. Last time I think it was on the subject of 'swimmin' doon the skudgie', and I'm now just wondering whether that name 'skudgie' came from the fact that we were "a'in ur bare skud".

I'd say that Morriston Street where we lived -- apart from one 'private close' next to ours at the bottom inhabited by teachers and other gentile folk (the McKechnies lived there) -- could hardly be called 'posh'. For the first ten years or so seven of us lived in a room and kitchen before moving downstairs to the luxury of an extra room.

Nevertheless, and I'm sure you'd say the same, Phil, none of us felt impoverished or deprived in any way. In fact, we, ourselves, felt like toffs with my mother not long back from working 'in service' for three years with her sisters in New York, complete with the hint of an American accent and some good knowledge of cookery.

John and Peter are both now long gone -- 'Wee Peter', in his latter years, went up from Folkestone to Rochdale to stay with John. And I'm the only one left of our own family -- still doing penance for a reprobate life!

Better not blether on here, Phil -- a lot more to say, of course! I can tick most of the same boxes in your references above. Always feel very privileged to have been brought up among such fine folk -- the best in the world!

Cheers for now.

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Re:43 Park Street, Cambuslang

My mother was born in 1923 to John and Helen Robertson .Her name was Anna They lived at 43 .Cane to look last week (from South Africa) very disappointed Any info or photos?? Thanks a mil I was adopted Ainslie

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Re: Re:43 Park Street, Cambuslang

Just sent you an email

Re: Park Street, Cambuslang

Regarding my short posting herewith on this topic of Park Street may I say that quite a close relative in the US, someone I didn't know and who's doing research into the family, has been in touch with me through this great facility kindly provided here by Ed Boyle. With many thanks.

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Re: Park Street, Cambuslang

I came across this sad information some years ago...


Louis Jones
Mother McNulty 37 Colebroke St
b. 3 Apr 1943 d. 14 Sep 2012. Lived 118 Strathmore St Dundee, died St Stephens Broughty Ferry (Alcoholism)

Re: Park Street, Cambuslang

As I said previously, I had a very good opinion of Louis, he had a good heart, sorry to hear about him dying of alcoholism, but unfortunately alcohol has destroyed the lives of many.
I will always remember him espescially for doing our flitting from Park Street to Somerville Street on his horse and cart for the princely sum of payment of a pair of kippers, and me and my brother Tom sitting up on the cart feeling like a couple of modern day cowboys, God rest in peace Louis.

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Re: Re:43 Park Street, Cambuslang

I lived at 45 park street and there was a family by the name of Robertson they had one daughter could that be the same family.
cheers tommy

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Re: Re:43 Park Street, Cambuslang

Was doing research on my family who lived at 43 Park St when I came across this site.

All my family both on Dad and Mum’s side all came from Cambuslang

My grandparents Hugh and Jean Thomson lived there and my father Jim Thomson was born at number43 in June 1920, they then moved to 140 Main St in the 30-40s

Mum’s family all lived and were born in 39 Colebrook St. 6 kids my Mum’s name was Jean Burns and my grandparents were Jim and Chrissy Burns

All the family were either miners or steelworkers at Colvilles

The Burns family except my Mum and her sister Chrissy moved to Australia after WW2. My family moved there in the late 60s

My grandfather Hugh Thomson’s family lived at 53 Monkcastle Drive. I noticed just up the road from that address is Thomson Court(not sure if family had any connection.
I did hear that the Thomson’s had a bakery somewhere near there.

I was back in Cambuslang in Feb 2020 as I still have relatives there that we visit

I also have a heap of old photos of old Cambuslang

Gordon Thomson

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Re: Park Street, Cambuslang


Re: Park Street, Cambuslang

Hello there, my father was born on 23rd July 1956 at 58 Park Street. I am curious to know if you remember my grandparents.

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Re: Park Street, Cambuslang

Samantha, not telling me their name makes that impossible


Re: Park Street, Cambuslang

My grandparents were william and Bridget smyth

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Re: Park Street, Cambuslang

Man thanks for your post, though as hardly anyone reads nowadays can I suggest you repeat it on the Auld Cambuslang FB group. MAay member there will be interested.


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