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Station Cafe, aka Freddie's

I have fond memories as a teenager of sitting in Freddies cafe, the Station Cafe, with the obligatory bottle of Coke that lasted two hours, and that was if you drank it fast! A few years back I read an article, (I think it might have been in the Evening Times),about the history of the cafe. It had apparently been opened by Freddies' father or grandfather and the story told of how hard life was back then and how they never got a day off, not even at Christmas. If anyone remembers this story, or if they were a former "inmate" of the cafe, I'd love to hear from you. Kathleen

Your location East Kilbride

Re: Station Cafe, aka Freddie's

Hi Kathleen
I used to go into Freddies now and again,but it did remind me of the times we went to Valerio`s across the road from freddies. Our drink then was a hot vimto and a caramel wafer.Like you say we would by that and stay there the rest of the evening.

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