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just a gab

Hi everyone thought i,d just have a gab to you to see if any-one remembers me [probably not] anyway I used to go to Bushyhill school, my granny Owens [lizzie] used to be a cleaner in the school I used to go into the janny,s office in the morning and get my roasted cheese,[cause my granny wis a cleaner ]Ha Ha, any way I remember the time we all went to aberfoyle for a month with the school I thought I was really lucky cause my pal,s Ma made us dresses the same with the Beatles printed on them we thought we were the Bee,s knee,s my pal,s name was Mary Wardle, we used to have great times together my name before I got married was Elizabeth Don, one of the Don,s from westburn although I was reared in 12 Caledonian Circuit with the Owens,s My mum,s name was Margaret Owens, she married Davy Don from Westburn farm, but saddly my mum passed away 4years ago in her sleep aged only 62 you never know the minute . Well anyway I left Scotland and came to northern ireland in 1971 and have been here ever since.I,d like to take this chance to say hello to anyone who remember,s me and feel free to contact me any time maybe we could bring old memories back so until I hear from any of you , do take care and may all you troubles be little one,s Elizabeth Hunter nee Don

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Re: just a gab

Hi elizabeth , I think I remember you from way back, I used to play with your brother John. When my Uncle Bert Dickison used to live down behind Hendersons farm and John lived in the cottage on westburn road. Myself, John and my cousins Nancy Janet and June had many a day playing and helping bring in the cows for milking and trying to get down the rabbit holes. I also remember Maggie, I guess she was your sister, stayed down the other road on the way to the power station. My mum was Nancy Hunter,aunts were Ella, Janet,Sadie and Tina grandparents were Jenny and Tote,please email me if you wanna chat.

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A wee gab

Hi Duncan,
Elizabeth Don here, it,s nice to hear from you, I had forgotten all about my E-Mail it seem,s so long ago I put it in, well any way your on the right track, the only difference is I,m John,s neice his brother Davy is my dad and the girl,s names you mentioned are my aunt,s but you still may know me, as John is only a few years older than me. Did you go to Bushy, do you remember any of your school chum,s going to Aberfoyle, I also went to Gateside secondary,as far as I know John,s still a single man, he stay,s with his sister Molly I,m not realy aquainted with the family much as we were never a close family I left home at 14 and came to belfast at the age of 15 the month before my 16th birthday and Iv,e been here ever since. The people are fantastic here, I fitted in straight away the make you feel very welcome so don,t listen to all you hear, I arrived here with only a fifty pence piece in my pocket and although Iv,e had a few rough times, I wouldn,t give it up for any thing. Duncan you should try the Glesga Pal,s website you,ll get some laugh on that. it,s a lot about Brig,ton as I spent a lot of my childhood living there in between living with my Nana in the circuit.I better stop gabbin noo and let you get a word in edge way,s it,s been nice gabbin to you hope to hear from you soon. Elizabeth Hunter nee Don

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Re: Re: just a gab

Hi Duncan

havent been on the website for ages , so just seen the reply to my entry. Well you have got some of the information right I am one of those Dons but they were aunts and uncles of mine although John is only 2/3 years older than me thats my aunt Maggie your talking about, my dad was the oldest (john and Maggies brother) maybe Ill get a better chance to speak to you later my lift has just arrived at work for me so untill later Take care Elizabeth

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