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Institute/Co Hall

I wonder if u can rember those 2 places, Saturday night at the Institute Dancing, Tuesday was Halfway Co. hall, did u meet your partner, and still with them
I wonder,
john fallon

Your location blantyre

Re: Institute/Co Hall

Hi John,
I went to the 'Stute' many times. My wee pal Freddie Davis and I played the piano there. Halfway Co' Hall was also great for the Jiggin, but never had 'Late Nights' (to 1 a.m.) like the Cambuslang dance halls. We used to get our Hasties morning rolls, hot and fresh after the late nights and walk it back to Westburn eating about half a dozen each.
The Masonic also did late nights but the floor wasn't so good for the birlin'.

Happy days eh? All they do is jump up and down a yard from each other now and they call 'that' dancing!!

By the way, the 'closes' in the tenements around Cambuslang Main Street were great for the winchin', shame they pulled then down.

Your location Leeds