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The Tallies

Hello all. Circa 1957 we used to go to the Tallies on saturday night for a plate of Peas and brae then off to the pictures. I would love to have a recipe for this dish, if anyone has it please share. Regards sheila. Or if anyone knows if there are any Valerios left in Cambuslang an address or phone number would be much appreciated Many thanks sheila

Re: The Tallies

The 'tallies', Sheila, as far as I know, are still an important yet unrecorded part of the history of Cambuslang.

They go back before the war. My own memories of Freddie's, Valerio's, Polombo's -- and others that I'm not going to attempt to spell -- go back to the 40's and 50's when, like yourself, groups of us used to sit in their cafes having hot peas and hot Vimto. And we had a sort of league table of the best ice-creams they made.

Looking back on those occasions makes you realise how important they were in our youthful development (as it might now be put). Certainly, we look back on them with happy memories.

Cambuslang was an exceptionally good place to have been brought up, with such an interesting mixture of people, a 'River Running Through', 'the braes', and 'the backs' (great playgrounds), the toffs 'up the hill' and the tenements, all the individual shops the whole length of both sides of the Main Street ... There's a good wee bit of history there that shouldn't be forgotten.

Hope you get more replies, Sheila -- I just stumbled on your snippet while browsing around.

Francie Reilly

Re: The Tallies

Your request for "hoat pea and pea bray" recipe I can't provide but my poem about Tony Piazza's cafe from the poetry section was written from the sentimental perspective which your memories evoke.

( Dedicated to the La Piazza Family who ran the Café in Halfway for many years)

The Little Duchess by Pete McKenna

As a child she made me welcome, with all her regal charm
My wildest dreams were all fulfilled within her outstretched arms
She watched me grow, she saw me cry, she let me sit and stay
To spend some time with my young friends and pass the time away

But as I grew, I grew away from her and all her charms
And new horizons beckoned me and other loving arms
I took a wife and grew some more and children brought us joy
In dreams I'd venture through her door, again a little boy

My mind was set, I would return once more to look and see
That regal charm, the warm smile, would she remember me?
I took my wife and son along, my daughters they came too
The Little duchess was still there, my dreams had all come true

She welcomed us as long lost friends, in her old Italian way
The childrens' eyes lit up with joy as mine had in my day
To see them smile and comprehend as I in years gone by
Reminds me wonders never cease when seen through children's eyes

But now she's gone and is no more, so many tears were shed
By those who ventured through her doors and can't believe she's dead
Although she's gone she still remains in hearts and minds and dreams
The Little Duchess, bless her soul perhaps is now a Queen.

Your location Newton Village ,Cambuslang

Re: Re: The Tallies

I'm new to this messaging medium, but I have just read Pete Mckennas poem about the cafe in halfway. I and my friends used to sit in "Toni's" on a saturday night, sipping our ice drinks. That was our saturday nights' entertainment. We were usually served by "Marie" and the cafe was known as the :duchess cafe" if my memory serves me right. Toni had joined the RAF and he appeared in the cafe only when on leave. Across the street opposite glen street there was a chip shop also run by an italian, and they sold excellent chips at reasonable prices, unfortunately some idiots thought the owner was in tow with Il Duce and broke his shop window.
I returned to the halfway in May 2006 for a visit and felt that I was an intruder, the place had changed so much, and I felt sorry, memories can be quite cruel when compared to present day realities. I thank peter for his excellent poem, it brings back happy times.

Your location Burlington Ontario Canada

Re: Re: Re: The Tallies

Thanks Jim,

I too, remember the chip shop. It sold great 'pea bray'. It later became a bookies before being eventually demolished.

In the 1950s a huge hole appeared in the back garden of the building caused by collapsed mine workings. It was capped by a large steel cover and as far as I know the holes threat is still there. Incidentally, my sister runs the hairdresser shop that now stands atop that hole.

Do you also remember the other chip shop near the Sun House pub?

Your location Kilmarnock

Re: Re: Re: Re: The Tallies

Hi Ed.... The other chip shops that I remember were the "Kerrs" on the main st just down from the Tallies and the chip shop opposite where Wilsons Garage was. It was at a bus stop next to a pub, but I can't remember the name of the pub. Its backyard was always full of empties that we cashed for a penny/bottle. The backyard was adjacent to Lightburn Rd.
The Jenkins had a milk farm and the milking barn was on Lightburn Rd. I delivered milk for them at 2/6d per week of 7 days @ 2 deliveries/day. One morning I was carrying about 7 pint cans in each hand and slipped on a patch of ice. landed on my backside and watched the milk run down the sheugh(gutter).The jenkins didn't miss a step, they refilled the cans and sent me on my way again! I had my moments to remember and laugh about.


Your location Burlington Ontario Canada

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Tallies

The pub (Sun Inn)is still there. See...

Remember the large green urinal that stood on the corner?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Tallies

Sorry Ed... I can't raise your ref. Although I vividly remember the Urinal cos I used to use it in an emergency! But I know now the pub.. I thought it was called MacEwans.. but that was the name of the beer they sold. By the way the photos of halfway just missed where I stayed in Castle Chimmins Ave. A small part of my family home is visible.


Your location Burlington Ontario Canada

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Tallies

Hey Ed page 4, 2nd row down 2nd pict in shows the green "parrot's cage" bottom of Lightburn Road.

the chip shop beyond was run by big Tommy McGinty and his dad.

the other chip shop famous fur "penny's worth o' hoat peas in vinegar" was McGinleys, you can see it in that same picture to the left, I think that might be Graham Avenue which runs parallel to Mill Road both these streets formed 2 sides Graham's Square.

I was told that the entertainer Mr Abie came from Halfway and his real name was Jim Abrahams if this is true I was in his class at Gateside and Jim lived in Graham's Buildings.

Your location Essex Junction, Vermont, USA

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Tallies

hey Jim there wis Rab Bunyan's chip shoap jist doon frae the tallies oan Main St. and I recollect that Mrs Kerr's chip shoap wis at the terminus across frae Langs ice cream, her son Jimmy Kerr owned that wee bakery in the Cambuslang Precinct sadly Jimmy passed on a few years back. In the 40's the Kerr family lived at the end o' Johnson Drive up near the "brew" oan Croft Rd. he hud an older brither George and a sister Margaret(I think that wis hur name)

Your location Essex Junction, Vermont, USA

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Tallies

Tam, you must have eyes like a hawk spotting the urinal.
Re the glen. I lived at no 50 Craigallian which was bang in the middle of that field you omce went tattie howking.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Tallies

ye must huv hud tatties insteed o' grass growin' in yer front an back

Ed at the top o' the Craigallian hill before ye went intae the Orlits if ye turned right there wis a dead end with one hoose that wis the Allan brothers furniture movers,did they demolish that in the 50's to make room fur yoo noo folks.


Your location Essex Junction, Vermont, USA

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Tallies

I remember that hoose at the top of Craigallian. When we moved into No 50 it was still there. a big grand hoose. However, It remained empty and derelict for some time and its interior was great place for us kids to play. It was eventually demolished in the 1950s.

Re: The Tallies

I'm related to the tallies in cambuslang.
My grand mother valerio had the de lux cafe and my grandfather pettorelli had a cafe on corner of greenlees road on main street.

Your location Uddingston

Re: Re: Re: The Tallies

does anybody remember the hole that appeared in the back garden opposite St Brides school in Greenlees Rd? It seemed to take ages to fill in as I recall.. Valerios was a rerr wee cafe, spent many an hour in there. always mind on a Saturday afternoon lots of women seemed to go about with rollers in their heids.Funny the things you remember fae your childhood, the matinee in the Ritz on a Saturday morning. Wowee!! remember the sunken hockey pitch, next to the Rugby pitches,mind it would freeze over for skating in the cauld weather. flippin' magic days. Good old Cumslang. Andy

Your location garrowhill, baillieston

Re: Re: Re: The Tallies

There was an Andy McGowan who was a good friend of mine
at Bushie Hill school 1940-1945.

Your location Central Coast NSW Australia

Re: The Tallies

I am the great grandson of the valerios from cambuslang

Re: The Tallies

Visited the main cafe many times. Here is a late 1950s photo just before they redeveloped the area.