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Low Row, 19th century miner's rows,Cambuslang

Does anyone know the locaton of Low Row , Cambuslang. They were miner's rows in the 19th century.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Your location canada

Re: Low Row, 19th century miner's rows,Cambuslang

Saw your email whiloe researching Quality Row and Front Row - both near Eastfield.
Low Row was in Flemington - I have reproduced a statement from the Scottish Colliery web site about 1910 below:

Notes on Low Row - Scullery with sink, gravitation water and coal cellar provided for each dwelling. WC for every 2 tenants. Scavenged daily - now in special Scavenging District.

Oh aye - Flemington (aka Fleemintun!) was beyond Halfway (aka Haufwey!)to the east of Cambuslang aka Cumslang!) towards Hamilton. That is how they were pronounced when I was a wee boy.
Hope this helps.

Cheers for now.
John L

Your location Northern Ireland (now)