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Howieshill Rd kirkhill

does anyone have photos of Howieshill Rd Kirkhill before the re-development? I left there in 1951 when my mother & father and our family (the O`Brien`s) were re-housed in the Orliz in Halfway. The old building stood round the corner from Wullie Grey`s in Cadoc St (now known as Glebe place) a number of lock-ups now stand in its place, further up the road there are some newer buidings,taking the place of a couple of old tenements, just before the top of Croft Rd! I have some dear memories of the old building and would be overwhelmed, to find some old photos of the place. Hopefully someone has something or even some info on where I could get them. cheers. Wee Margaret A`Brien!

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Re: Howieshill Rd kirkhill

Sorry Margaret I can't help you but since I spent the first 20 years of my life in the halfway, could you please tell me where the "orliz" is in halfway?..jim

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Re: Re: Howieshill Rd kirkhill

the Orlits/z or how ever youspell it, is the housing scheme on the left hand side of the main road as you go into the Halfway, across the road form the Gateside Bing where there is Woodlands Cres Lilybank and Cairnswell Ave and the like, if goes from as I said the Main Road right back to the back road (Auld Kirk Road)
hope that is of help

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Re: Re: Re: Howieshill Rd kirkhill

oops sorry that should have typed RIGHT and side

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Howieshill Rd kirkhill

We were one of the first families to be allocated an 'Orlit' at 50 Craigallian Ave.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Howieshill Rd kirkhill

Thanks for the geography lesson. In my young days I flew my model aeroplanes in the fields where you all describe now as the "Orlitz". Things change eh?

I lived at 51 castle chimmins ave. My uncle willie thomson operated the coal yard in glen St halfway, and I delivered milk for the Jenkins farm whose cattle grazed on the now Orlitz estate. What a shame.


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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Howieshill Rd kirkhill

Hello Jimmy

I remember well that continuous and annoying buzzing - So it was you!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Howieshill Rd kirkhill

Ed, you must have been neighbours to Norman and Tom Allen, they had a moving company Allen Brothers Movers....I think,
also they were both guid pipers, ye might have heard them practice.
The people in the Gilbertfield area were complaining "THERE GOES THE NEIGHBOURHOOD" when the Orlits were built.
Plus yoor hoose Ed wis richt in the field whaur ah used tae go tottie howkin'...bluiddy intruders...LOL


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