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Halfway Area

I have just received an e-mail from Tam Morris in which he advised me that my e-mail address had a typo error. The correct address is in case anyone wishes to contact me. Anyhow, Tams' message was a lesson on halfway geography and I feel sure that anyone from that district would appreciate reading what Tam had to say, providing that he or she can understand the lingo!
As an aside to the content of Tams' story, I would like Tam to know that the Thomsons' (not Thompson) coal yard is still there.At the entance to the yard there once stood a cottage, that was where my mothers' family was raised.My Uncle,who carried on the business stayed at #1 castle chimmins ave. Tam, your memory is to be admired. I can recall delivering milk in Hutchison place(is that the street connecting lightburn rd to hamilton rd?) along the side of flemington church when the air raid sirens sounded.The cables from the barrage balloons lay along the rooftops. If it wasn't so serious it would have been funny.
I'd better stop now and get on with other business. It was good to recall along with you. Thanks.


Your location Burlington Ontario Canada

Re: Halfway Area

I just posted a message in facebook (Halfway Memories) which refers to your posting here.

Your location Kilmarnock