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do you know chrissie gilmartin

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Re: do you know chrissie gilmartin

Betty ,
Do You Mean Chrissie Templeton who is married to John Gilmartin ? They both came from the Circuit .

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Re: do you know chrissie gilmartin

I also knew John and Chrissie Gilmartin. John and my father were good mates and would often take the dogs for long walks down the clyde,when this was completed they would end up in the welly for a beer or two. Now John was no lightweight but my father was and you can imagine the pair of them coming home after being tossed out of the welly at shutting time trying to hold each other up, I also was very friendly with chrissies son Tony aka Tempy. And im sure it was either Johns son or nephew called John also, he died just a few weeks ago. Sadly John died a number of years ago and Chrisse passed away ,maybe 4 years ago

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