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The Blue Swallows Concert Party

In the 1950's, Bob 'Sparrow' Craig set up a terrific concert party in Cambuslang called The Blue Swallows (don't ask me why he chose that name?) They played concerts all over the area and included some excellent local talent. Dancers, singers, musicians, comedians, etc'.
Does anyone remember this troupe or any of the entertainers. I was one of them and it would be nice to blether over old times.

Your location Nottingham (ex Cambuslang)

Re: The Blue Swallows Concert Party

hi ronnie,
I have no memories of the Blue Swallows
Concert Party,did they star in far off Westburn and
Newton?,i do remember "The Sea Breezes" concert party
with Myles and Hughie McHugh as organisers, a few
of the dancers,and Jimmy McKechnie telling jokes,and having us rolling in the isle with mirth!.
best wishes phil.

Your location east libride

Re: The Blue Swallows Concert Party

Hi Phil,
Tried to contact you a couple of times recently, are you showing an incorrect e-mail address?

Anyway, I remember all of the Jigging Halls in the area and the musicians. I played piano occasionally with my best mate in those days...Wee Freddie Davis from The Circuit. I also sang and danced (eh?) with the Sheila McGettigan troupe.

We had great laughs in those days Phil, you were an absolute scream at school and around the long-departed tenements.

We Westburn fellas were really upmarket as our Clyde swimming holes were danger free and nippin' clean. We even had eatable fish!

As for the Blue Swallows. We rehearsed in the Welfare Hall doon by the Clyde near Somerville Street (not sure of the actual address). Many local entertainers joined the Concert Party. All of the concert revenues went to charity.

Thanks for your photo here of Class 2A, Saint Brides with Miss Kate Coleman (I'm still in love with her, ha ha).

Get in touch for a blether Phil.



Your location Nottingham.