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Glengonnar House

Does anyone know of Glengonnar House. It is listed as the residence of quite a few family members in the 1800's.

The only address I have is Greenhills Road/East Cotes.

Your location Glasgow

Re: Glengonnar House


Info obtained from
Valuation rolls 1920



Re: Glengonnar House

Thank you for this.

Can you tell me what you entered to get this information. I can't access it with your link but am on scotlands people and can look myself, just don't know what to put in

Re: Glengonnar House

There's no data for Glengonnar House area. The web crawler provide consistently an off-base guidance.

Re: Glengonnar House

There's no other data I also found for that area!

Re: Glengonnar House

Thanks Bessie... That's an old thread...

It spurred me to re-visit this poser and I had a look at Scotlanspeople website valuation rolls for 1940 and discovered that there are 2 houses in Cambuslang with that name.

41 Greenlees Rd (Helen G Goodall))

11 Hamilton Drive (JW Hastie)

Though I don't see any connection to the link you mentiioned...