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Teacher - Sid McEwan

I'm looking for members of Sid's choir who attended the Acharacle holiday in the mid 50s.

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Re: Teacher - Sid McEwan

Two of my brothers Jim and Michael Emonds were in the choir and went to Arisaig, this is an exert from an email I received from Michael a few months ago.
Patsy Coyle

Arisaig we went to on holiday, it was 1952 and we stayed in the local catholic (St Johns if my memory serves me well) school sleeping on the floor in sleeping bag's, the oldest son of the Muir Family gave "Sid" a hand with the cooking the local man who looked after us was Angus McPhee. "Sid"taught science in St Brides and nobody messed with him, he visited the Circuit on many occasions long after that holiday and had many a slice of toasted cheese and a cuppa.

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Re: Re: Teacher - Sid McEwan

Thanks for your quick reponse. I was inspired to join the choir after hearing 'adventure' stories from those who has been to Arisaig. Liam McGuigan comes to mind.
My holiday came much later (around 1956) when we went to Mingary, Nr Acharacle on the Ardnamuchan penninsula. We went by minibus and I stayed there for 3 weeks.
To be honest, I can't remember the names of the other boys. Like your brothers, we too slept on the floor of the community centre and washed in the local burn. I do remember Sid made a colour movie record of that holiday in his wind up camera, which had a viewing in the Janitors office some time later . I often wonder what happend to that film?
Sid lived at 11 Mitchel Ave Rutherglen with his mother and as far as I know, he never married. It's to his credit that his memory lives on.
I would love to hear from others and share stories. Anyone with pics from that time would be a real bonus.

Ed Boyle

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Re: Teacher - Sid McEwan

I was also a member of Sid's choir and it was through him that I developed an appreciation of all types of music.
The most vivid memory I have of that time is when he took us to hear the Vienna Boys Choir who were performing in Glasgow, it's funny how things stick in your mind

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Re: Teacher - Sid McEwan

Hi Ed
I also was a member of sid mcewan choir I wen't to the Vienna boys Choir in Glasgow

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Re: Teacher - Sid McEwan

I am still keen to find out more about Sid and when and where he died. I'm also keen to hear from anyone who was in his choir in the mid 1950s.

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